Should not be used during pregnancy due to historical use as an emmenagogue and for birth control.


None reported.

ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS using Taxus brevifolia herbal preparations

Occasional adverse side effects reported using Taxus brevifolia tea, tincture or capsules have been nausea, diarrhea or mild dizziness. Decreasing or discontinuing use for a few days usually corrects the discomfort. Rapid detoxification can cause discomfort.

HOMEOPATHIC PROVING - Taxus brevifolia

HOMEOPATHIC PROVING - Taxus brevifolia

A double blind proving following traditional "Hahnemannian" methods using Taxus brevifolia was conducted in 2001 with students and alumnae of the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy in San Francisco, CA, and other homeopaths in various parts of the United States. The mother tincture was Montana YewTip™ Tincture supplied by Bighorn Botanicals, Inc., and the remedy was potentized by Helios Pharmacy, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK and Hahnemann Pharmacy, San Rafael, CA, USA.

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