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I have used the Bighorn Botanicials produces for years.I have the sauve not only on myself,kids but all our pets wounds too.My inter family uses their products.Have see their produces work miracles.


soap last a long time lip balm is great for your get ready for sweethearts day and works good for cuticles

Best herbal medicinal products I have ever used. Tincture is amazing for cold and flu recovery and salve is absolutely amazing for any wound and phenomenal for diaper rashes!


Looking for a Natural Health Supplement? Build a Stronger, Healthier "Yew"

Bighorn Botanicals, Inc. in Noxon, MT sells Montana YewTip® products. We'll help you find the health, cosmetic or dietary supplement that's right for you. Our Montana YewTip® products harness the power of the yew plant, so please call to discuss what best fits you.

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Don't wait to purchase a dietary or health supplement from Bighorn Botanicals in Noxon, MT. We manufacture and sell beneficial YewTip:

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Our external YewTip products include YewTip salve, soap, lotion and lip balm. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of the cosmetic or dietary supplement you're interested in.

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